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Welcome To My Home Page
Hey snenny- I wrote that so when you type it in, you get this site.
Anyway, I promise I'm going to try a little each day to make this a better site for all of us.
it's going to take a lot of hard work, but with your support I can do it.
I've decided I'm gonna have a friends page. Cos let's face it, this site sux, except for the snenniness.
Anyway, enjoy nothing at the moment.

Listing Site Updates
Last Updated: 21st August 2001
don't bother looking anywhere else.
Pronouncing my Name

Does everyone know how to pronounce this name of mine? Mayrsie? or just Mayrs?
Well I'll give you a lesson on it, it is Mairs-sey or it could be sie. So it's like my name, marianne, but the i and r are swapped around. See how this is making so much sense now.
Now you try saying it, Mayrs-e, Mayrsie. Pretty easy, now you think about it.